I know. I know! I can hardly believe it myself. Here we are, just two months since our previous update and we have another one. You must have been very good fez fans this summer! In a rare twist, we have four new fezzes to add the museum. So, we thought “why not do an update?” Why not, indeed.

Our first updated exhibit is over in the Animal Lodges area, where you can find a new Elks fez, dating from the earliest years of the organization.

Next, swing by the Sciots exhibit to check out our new Sciots Band Member fez.

You can follow that up with a stop by the Shriners exhibit to check out the most adorable children’s souvenir fez – just like the kind you’d buy at the circus as a souvenir.

Last, but certainly not least, check out our Clandestine Groups exhibit, where we’ve added an unusual white Shriners fez… or is it? You’ll have to read the details to learn more!

We hope everyone has had a great summer and look forward to many fezzy fall adventures. Be well!