We know, we know. It’s been far too long since you’ve had an update. But, you’re in luck. Because you’re reading this. Which means we did an update. See. Now quit complaining and get reading!

After our months long hiatus, we’re back with six new fezzes added to the collection.

We’ll start off at the Shriners Exhibit, where we have added two fezzes from Irem Shriners, one being a quite unusual white fez.

In keeping with the Shrine theme, pop on by our Shrine Ladies exhibit, where we’ve added two new Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America fezzes, including another Past Grand High Priestess fez.

Completing the Shrine trifecta, we’ve also added a PHA Shriners fez from Pyramid No. 1.

Of course, we couldn’t do an update with just Shrine items, so we also added a Dramatic Order Knights of Omar piece for you to check out.

Stay cool, fezzy friends!