Howdy, fez heads!

It has been about 6 months since our last update and boy were we due! When it rains, it pours as they say. We have been steadily buying some unusual and high quality fezzes to expand our shared fraternal knowledge. This update represents improvements to 8 exhibits, and includes a baker’s dozen of new fezzes!

Let’s start with the unknown – our Unknown Fezzes exhibit that is, where we’ve added two new mystery fezzes – the blue Achernar fez and a cute little Anzettes hat.

Next stop by the Veteran’s Groups area, where we’ve posted a white fez from the National Order of Trench Rats and a Past Golden Cat’s fez from the Alley Cats.

While on the topic of animals, hit the Animal Lodges area next, where we’ve constructed a new exhibit about the Lions Clubs International and snagged a rare “Silver Eagle” fez from the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Two new fezzes can also be found in the Knights of Pythias area, one representing a bit of a mystery as to its design and the other demonstrating that African American Pythianism is alive and well.

Of course, any update isn’t complete without a couple of Shriners pieces. You can check out a rare, white Al Menah Shriners fez over in their area, after which you can behold the rhinestone encrusted glory of a Past Imperial Potentate’s fez from the Prince Hall Shriners.

But, we’ve saved the best for last. There’s a new LOTO fez in the Odd Fellow Women’s Groups section, which compliments are two newest additions to the Odd Fellows Social Groups exhibit. Yes, that’s right, we’ve scored two very rare Muscovites fezzes! There’s a new white one as well as red Royal Order of Muscovites fez, rounding out our collection from this, our favorite group.

We wish everyone a great spring and hope to see you back soon!