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An Update Sans Fez

Good day, intrepid reader! Today’s update isn’t one that deals directly with any particular fez. Instead, we thought it would be nice to share with you the culmination of some of the research the Museum has been doing on the side. Recently, we came across an archive of newspapers from the earliest part of the 20th Century. What did we look up first? Stuff about fraternal organizations, of course!

After a bit of digging, we hit the jackpot in regards to information on the formation and subsequent merger of roughly a half dozen social fraternal organizations aligned with the Odd Fellows. As the popularity of the Shriners grew in the Masonic world, many folks wanted a similar organization in the group they belonged to. This caused the formation of such groups as the Imperial Order of Muscovites, the Oriental Order of Humility and Perfection, the Ancient Mystic Order of Cabiri, the Pilgrim Knights of Oriental Splendor, and even more!

By the 1920’s, the Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Odd Fellows (the national governing body) had enough of this nonsense and talked several of the organizations into merging. In 1925, they all came together and formed the United Order of Splendor and Perfection, which would be renamed two years later, calling itself the Ancient Mystic Order of Samaritans (which exists to this day.)

So, we encourage you to check out our timeline and learn something about the earliest days of fez wearing fraternalism in America!

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Ladies Night at the Fez Museum

In keeping up with our recent posting format, we yet again bring you an update of four new exhibits. All of today’s updates are from lady’s groups and represent a wide array of organizations.

First, we have an update to the Nomads of Avrudaka exhibit, which shows an alternative color scheme that we had previous not seen. From there, you can head on over to the Ladies of the Oriental Shrine page and take a look at our fabulous new Past High Priestess fez. Oh, and don’t forget to end your trip at the Daughter’s of Isis exhibit. There you are going to see two great examples of modern Daughters of Isis fezzes, including a Past Illustrious Commanderess fez.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Don’t forget to bookmark us and come back again!

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The dog ate my fez!

Actually, that’d be a really sad day if a dog ate one of our fezzes! Thankfully, that hasn’t happened. Rather, the Curator has been busy visiting his family and tracking down new fezzes! Since it’s been a while since our last update, we decided that it would be a good time for a Double Fez day – meaning we’ve updated the Museum with four new exhibits (instead of our regular update, which is usually two.)

First, we’ve added three fezzes to the IBPOEW page. These fezzes all belonged to one person and give a great example of how a man joined a fraternal body and then chose to give it lots of time and effort, advancing in rank and prestige as he did.

Second, we added a fez to the AMOS page. This fez is the most modern of the examples and does a great job of showing what the regalia of today looks like amongst the Samaritans.

We hope you enjoy these updates. Right now the Museum has at least 8 more fezzes that haven’t been posted to this site, 3 of which are from organizations not yet represented with exhibits! Keep checking back for the updates!

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