Actually, that’d be a really sad day if a dog ate one of our fezzes! Thankfully, that hasn’t happened. Rather, the Curator has been busy visiting his family and tracking down new fezzes! Since it’s been a while since our last update, we decided that it would be a good time for a Double Fez day – meaning we’ve updated the Museum with four new exhibits (instead of our regular update, which is usually two.)

First, we’ve added three fezzes to the IBPOEW page. These fezzes all belonged to one person and give a great example of how a man joined a fraternal body and then chose to give it lots of time and effort, advancing in rank and prestige as he did.

Second, we added a fez to the AMOS page. This fez is the most modern of the examples and does a great job of showing what the regalia of today looks like amongst the Samaritans.

We hope you enjoy these updates. Right now the Museum has at least 8 more fezzes that haven’t been posted to this site, 3 of which are from organizations not yet represented with exhibits! Keep checking back for the updates!