Since our last update in October, the fez museum has moved to a new home. We are still sorting through many of the boxes while attempting to keep the collection safe and sound. In the mean time, we discovered several fezzes that were purchased during 2020 that we hadn’t yet posted. That means more fez based excitement for you!

We start over in the Prince Hall Ladies Imperial Court exhibit (formerly known as the Daughters of Isis)  with a Past Imperial Commandress fez. If you’ve every wanted to feel fez envy, this rhinstone encrusted hat will definitely give you the vapors! While you are there, you can also check out the addition of a Council of Crusaders fez, worn by Prince Hall ladies related to a Knights Templar.

Keeping with the ladies auxiliary theme, we’ve also added a new short-style Grotto-ettes fez over in the Grotto exhibit. Somehow we just know these ladies liked to party!

For those looking for something more spiritual, we’ve added a relatively rare blue Knights of the All Seeing Eye fez. This group has a fascinating history that you definitely need to explore.

Hot on the heels of our recent purchase of a red fez, we’ve added a black Dramatic Order Knights of Omar fez. It’s an usual design that we haven’t encountered before, making it perfect for the collection.

Next up, we have a variation on the fezzes used by the AHEPA.  This new piece was owned by a District Governor and has some unusual embroidery.

Last, but certainly not least, is a completely new exhibit. This space, dedicated to the Order of the Eastern Star, now displays a very old and very rare Patrol fez. Though in poor condition, it makes a great addition to our humble museum.

For those that are curious, this site now details more than 225 different fezzes. The full collection contains even more hats than this, as only interesting variations are shown here. We are proud to be the internet’s most complete guide to fraternal headgear.

That’s all for this update, folks! Keep checking back. You never know when we’ll add more fezzes!