fezAfter a two month hiatus, we’re back! We’ve added two fezzes to the collection in recent weeks and we are ready to unveil the additional displays. First, check out the updated AMOS section, where we have a uniquely tasseled addition from Murad Sanctorum No. 202. Then, shimmy on over to our brand new exhibit for the Queen of the South, a Prince-Hall affiliated Degree for women.

As you heard in our previous posts, things are slow a the Museum. This is mainly due to how extensive our collection has become. We now have more than 120 fezzes, representing a significant number of fraternal groups. As the collection has grown, it has become harder to source the rare and obscure pieces we need to continue with updates. As such our posting schedule is going to be more sporadic, only updating whenever we have something new to share with you.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to bringing you more fezzy goodness!