We’re back!

It’s been a busy summer for the folks over at the Fez Musuem. Sometimes work gets in the way of play, making less time for updates. However, we’ve managed to complete some upgrades to the site (most notably a change to the layout and look.) We hope you like it and that it makes for a better viewing experience. Also, we’ve recently acquired four new fezzes for the collection. We’ll be posting these over the next couple of weeks.

To celebrate our triumphant return, we present to you an update to an old exhibit and a completely new one as well! Check out the great (and old) Sciots Pyramid No. 40 fez that was donated to the museum. This piece even came with a rare Past Toparch’s jewel. It’s a neat addition that we think you’ll really like!

Next, check out the new exhibit over in the Masonic Youth Groups area for the new Job’s Daughters International fez. This is the first fez we’ve seen for this group and while it may not be the sturdiest piece, it does fill a distinct niche for us.

Thanks for checking in and don’t forget to stop back in the next few weeks for more updates!