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Who’s feeling Patriotic?

Today we have updated the Museum with our newest exhibit. It depicts a fez from the Patriot Order Sons of America, a fraternal group dedicated to American ideals. Sadly, the group is in full decline today, but it is still operational in a few states, with Pennsylvania being the strongest. This fez was a very unique find, so check it out!

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Are you the Chosen One?

Or in this case, the Past Mighty Chosen One! Today, we’ve updated our display on the Daughters of Mokanna by adding two more examples of fezzes from this group – a basic members fez and another Past Mighty Chosen One’s fez. Enjoy!

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Site Redesign and Update

Good day!

As you can see, we’ve undertaken a complete redesign of the Museum of Fezology. We decided to transfer the entire Museum over to WordPress to better facilitate updates and changes. We hope you like the results!

While doing the transfer, we managed to add some pieces to the collection. First, stop on over to the Ubar Grotto page to read about some fezzes that are unique to this group and afterwards take a take a dive over to the Ladies of the Orient page where we detail a fez that is believed to have denoted the rank of the Supreme Degree!

As always, if you have questions, comments, or would like more info on your fez, drop us a line on the Contact page!

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