The Odd Fellows Encampment is a higher branch in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Membership is open to all Third Degree members in good standing. The branch aims to further the work of Odd Fellowship and impart the principles of Faith, Hope and Charity. The Degrees in the Encampment are:

  • Patriarchal Degree – Aims to teach the lessons of transparent honesty, domestic purity, genuine hospitality and unfeigned righteousness.
  • Golden Rule Degree – Aims to teach good will, tolerance, and true brotherhood. It also teaches that members should unite with the virtuous and good irrespective of country, religion, or politics in the discharge of duties which all agree are paramount to universal peace and cooperation.
  • Royal Purple Degree – Aims to teach alertness and determination as basis for a possible success in the journey called life.
This piece displays the tent and crossed crooks, which are the traditional symbol of this branch of Odd Fellows. The fez is embroidered with “Green Valley, No. 38.” Based upon information from the seller, the group may have been located in Nebraska.