Nomads of Avrudaka

The Nomads of Avrudaka developed out of the Dramatic Order of the Knights of Khorrassan as a female auxiliary for the spouses of the members (similar to the system that developed in the Shrine.) The organization meets in Santhas and usually in conjunction with other Pythians. The group does still exist, although, with the ever shrinking membership in the DOKK, it is unclear for how long.

The museum possesses two examples of fezzes from the Nomads. The first, which states it’s from Azar Mi Dokht Santha No. 55 (located in Lakeport, CA), bears a purple tassel along with the standard Nomads of Avrudaka logo patch and embroidery. The second example, hailing from Eladah Santha No. 13, bears a yellow tassel but is otherwise the same. We assume that the different colored tassels have to do with rank in the organization (perhaps the attainment of a higher degree, such as is done in the Odd Fellows AMOS.)

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