Fezological Forecast

Our fezological findings continue, as we bring you three new pieces to the museum.

First up, we have the addition of a really nice DOKK fez that is rendered entirely in bullion (with a 3d tiger no less!) This piece is unlike any other DOKK fez we’ve seen, so it’s sure to please!

Then, you can take a gander at the latest in our collection of Unknown Fezzes – Muezzin, Phila. We have no idea what this fez relates to, other than it comes from Philadelphia and was manufactured in that city. If you can provide any information on the hat, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, we added a an update to the United Commercial Travelers exhibit, in the form of the Ancient Mystic Order of Bagmen of Bagdad (sic.) This fun group, which is part of the United Commercial Travelers, has an all too familiar Arab theme, but mixes it with some insurance sales for its members.

On a final note, the museum has come into possession of one the rarest fezzes out there – an Imperial Order of Muscovites fez. We are taking extra time to prepare this exhibit, as it will include links to articles and other documents that show the history of this wacky and short lived fraternal order. Check back to see when we post it!