Thanks to the folks over at Fez-o-rama for this great cartoon!

As the fall season approaches, the fez business has picked up a bit. Today we’re bringing you a couple of updates to the Museum, but we still have at least three more pieces to be added. It’s nice to have the collection growing at such a pace and we enjoy sharing it with you!

Our two updates for today show variations in design from some very familiar groups. First, we have a nice Al Malaikah Shrine Band fez. Al Malaikah is one the most renowned Shrines in the world and we’re happy to be able to finally add a fez from the organization to the collection.

Next up we have alternate color scheme on a Knights of Pythias fez. It provides a nice contrast to the piece we already had in the collection and continues to fill in some of the smaller niches in the collection.

We’ve got our eyes on a couple nice pieces floating around at auction and other places. We hope to be able to bring them to you very soon!