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Falling for Fezzes

Thanks to the folks over at Fez-o-rama for this great cartoon!

As the fall season approaches, the fez business has picked up a bit. Today we’re bringing you a couple of updates to the Museum, but we still have at least three more pieces to be added. It’s nice to have the collection growing at such a pace and we enjoy sharing it with you!

Our two updates for today show variations in design from some very familiar groups. First, we have a nice Al Malaikah Shrine Band fez. Al Malaikah is one the most renowned Shrines in the world and we’re happy to be able to finally add a fez from the organization to the collection.

Next up we have alternate color scheme on a Knights of Pythias fez. It provides a nice contrast to the piece we already had in the collection and continues to fill in some of the smaller niches in the collection.

We’ve got our eyes on a couple nice pieces floating around at auction and other places. We hope to be able to bring them to you very soon!

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Beasts of Burden

Well hello there intrepid reader!

As promised, we have some more updates for our Museum!

First, take a stroll over to the AMOS exhibit and check out the new Past Grand Monarch fez that was recently acquired. This piece would have belonged to an officer of a local “Sanctorum” and shows the progression of tassel colors as a member rises in authority within the group.

Once you’re finished there, check out the new Elks Fez we added. Having belonged to Quaker City Lodge No. 720, this piece is quite old, but is still in amazing shape. This is the kind of history we love to find!

Since our last update, we’ve stumbled upon a few more fezzes, so more updates are due in!

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