Even the Fez Museum gets stumped from time to time – hence why we have the Unknown Fezzes page. But, thanks to the internet, we often are able to identify those mysterious pieces and learn a little bit more about fraternal history. Today, we have just such an occurrence.

For a while now we have pondered over the shortest fez in our collection, a wee little hat that only measured three inches high. Now, thanks to a contact from Sandra Fleming, of Houston, TX, we have confirmed that the fez  relates to the Daughters of Mokanna at Chinar Grotto. Go check it out over in the Daughters of Mokanna section!

Thank you to Sandra for contacting us with this information. It’s thanks to viewers like her that we are able to fill in key historical details. If you happen to know any interesting facts about any of our pieces, please drop us a note on the Contact page!