It has been quite a while since we’ve posted anything new here at the Museum. That is mainly because we haven’t had any new additions to the collection since shortly after the Christmas holiday. The rarer specimens for which we are in the market have been increasingly harder to come by, so there is a shortage of new fezzes to post.

However, we are in possession of one cute little fez related object that we wanted to share with you – Mr. Fezziwig.  In the early to mid 20th century these types of figures were quite popular. Being made of metal and with a bit of paint to make the fez standout, they were nice little knick-knacks for the fraternalist. This piece was donated to the Museum by the father of the curator and has become sort of a mascot for the collection.

In the future, as we add new fezzes, we’ll be sure to post them. We appreciate your patience as we continue to grow!