Where has the time gone?!?

Oh look – it’s been exactly one month since we updated the Museum! Where has the time gone? Isn’t it funny how holidays and life can do that to you… but, we are back with a big update to make up for it!

You can start your updated tour at the Grotto exhibit. There we have added a Singara Past Monarch’s fez as well as a great example of a variation on the basic members fez, which hails from Yusef Khan Grotto.

Once you had your fill of black fezzes, you can try to the opposite color by viewing our new Clandestine Eastern Star exhibit. Hopefully the entry there will explain some of the confusion caused by having two exhibits called Eastern Star.

Lastly, we figured you might be in the mood for some more traditionally colored fezzes. First, have a looksie at our newest Shriner fez in the Zembo area, after which you can read up on a very rare fez in our newest exhibit dedicated to the Junior United Order of American Mechanics.

Believe it or not, this actually depletes our back stock of fezzes – everything that is in the possession of the Museum has been posted (for the first time in almost a year.) Please, enjoy the collection and keep checking back as new pieces are acquired regularly!