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Be thankful for fezzes!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, we at the Virtual Museum of Fezology are thankful for all the great feedback we’ve received from those viewing the page. This collection is a labor of love and we really enjoy sharing it with everyone!

As a way to say “thank you,” we’ve updated the museum with two new exhibits before the holiday. First, you can learn more about Kismet Shrine, and it’s variant Shriner fez. Kismet may be small, but it’s an old Shrine with lots of history. Once you finish that, drop on by the Mokanna Grotto exhibit to learn more about the most unique and special Grotto still in existence (well, sort of.)

Enjoy your holiday!

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Cleaning Out the Closet

That’s right boys and girls! You get an update two weeks in a row! We’ve had such a backlog of fezzes to post that we thought it would be a good idea to get some more exhibits up here ASAP. Today we’ve added two completely new areas to the museum, filling in some interesting niches.

The first new fez comes from a little known group called the Shrine Guilds of America, which is a ladies organization tied to Shriners International. It is a unique piece and was a great auction find for the museum.

Our second new exhibit comes from the Order of AHEPA – the American Hellenic Progressive Educational Association – a Greek rights group founded in Atlanta in the 1920’s. We have a nice example of an older fez as well as a more updated version for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for stopping back and checking our the Museum! We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit!

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