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Five Fez Update

Whew! We’ve finally gotten caught up on those boring real life tasks and have had a chance to do some much needed updates to the museum. Today, we have posted four new exhibits for you to enjoy. Start your tour of the new pieces over at the Alacala exhibit in the Order of Alhambra area where we have added a Past Grand Commander’s fez. Next, slip on over to the DOKK section of the Knights of Pythias to check out our new Royal Prince’s fez. After having your eyes dazzled there, shoot over to the Ladies of the Oriental Shrine of North American and check out our two acquisitions from Su-Zu Court No. 21. Oh, and why not end your journey with a little bit of mystery by checking our the new Bison fez at our Unknown Fezzes exhibit.

We hope you enjoy these updates and we encourage to stop back often to check out our ever expanding collection of fraternal fezzes.

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A long awaited update…

Good day fellow Fezzians! Today we have a long awaited update to the fez museum. First, we start with a more general piece in the form of a fez from Medinah Shriners. We then, take a little detour into the obscure with some information on a rare United Order of Splendor and Perfection fez. Finally, we end our journey in the unknown, with the Chinar mini fez.

We hope you enjoy this update and we look forward to bringing you even more fezziness int he near future. We still have more than a dozen fezzes that are not yet on display, so check back often for more updates.

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A Knights Tale of Tigers

Today we have just a small update. We recently acquired a fantastic piece from the Dramatic Order of the Knights of Khorassan, a branch of the Knights of Pythias. Go check it out – it’ll be worth the look!

Right now we still have 11 fezzes that have not been posted to the site, many from groups not even represented here yet. As those posts take a little longer format, we have been putting them off. However, we will soon launch those new modules, so check back and see what’s happening!

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